Getting Married in the South Pacific Islands

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Review of Wedding Destinations - Ranked by Preference

Are you planning on getting married on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific? The key to planning a memorable South Pacific wedding is choosing the right beach resort to get married at and one where all the stress and paperwork is taken out of your hands. For some, getting married in the South Pacific is about eloping, for tying the knot on a secluded beach with only your footprints as witness. For others, particularly those visiting from Australia and New Zealand, it's about finding a stress free environment for your friends and family to remember a great celebration.

The romance of getting married in the South Pacific is heightened by tranquil massages in ambient spas to de-stress before the ceremony, the attendance of tribal warriors leading a bride to the beach alter, and with serenaders entertaining guests after the ceremony. Tropical flowers add to the ambience and finding beauticians, photographers and of course celebrants is generally organised by the resorts.

Whether its just you and your partner, with a group of friends looking for a rowdy celebration, or with family members with small kids in tow, we bring our years of experience and expertise to provide you with all of the information you need to choose the right destination and resort for your dream South Pacific wedding.
Same sex marriages are not yet legal in any South Pacific destination.

# 1 - Fiji

Fiji is the most obvious choice for a wedding in the South Pacific with plenty of options for large wedding parties whether you want a beach wedding or chapel wedding and at least twenty boutique resorts where you can tie the knot in an intimate wedding location either on the beach, beside a waterfall or even whilst scuba diving!

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# 2 - Cook Islands

Aimed more at couples tying the knot but with some good options for larger wedding parties on Rarotonga. There are no resort chapels but you can arrange to get married in one of the beautiful Cook Island churches.

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# 3 - French Polynesia

How about a private ceremony on the deck of your own private overwater bungalow, with the bride being canoed to the bungalow across a turquoise lagoon paddled by striking warriors?

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# 4 - Samoa

A couple of good options for either large wedding parties or couples eloping, Samoa is a popular wedding destination amongst Samoans living in New Zealand so both the friends from home and relatives living in Samoa can all attend the ceremony.

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# 5 - Vanuatu

Efate Island has several good venues for getting married with Cascades Waterfall a very scenic location or Tamanu Beach providing a stunning beach backdrop.

# 6 - New Caledonia

A little too expensive for wedding parties visiting from Australia, and not quite romantic enough for those eloping from Europe.

# 7 - Tonga

Being a formidable Christian country Tonga does not permit weddings of people who have not been living in the country for the past 30 days which generally rules out tourist weddings.