Beautiful Tonga Holidays

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What's Unique about the Tonga Islands?

Tonga holidays offer a truly off the beaten track feel with the islands yet to be discovered by mainstream holiday-makers. Tourism in the "Kingdom" evolves around its exceptional water activities with tranquil bays and lagoons for sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, game fishing and whale watching. Add to this a deeply entrenched culture with some fantastic archaeological sights to explore and you have the making for a truly enchanting South Pacific holiday, a decent travel destination for more adventurous tourists and one that offers reasonable value for money.

The Tonga Islands is a tiny kingdom, the last remaining wholly independent state in the South Pacific, and has 171 small islands, many of which are uninhabited coral atolls. A typical Tonga holiday combines a little rest and relaxation by the beach with some light activities on the water, most notably snorkelling and whale watching. The islands host a handful of stunning boutique beach resorts which attract more mainstream holiday-makers from Australia and New Zealand, and despite it being one of the few places in the South Pacific where tourists can't get married on a beach, Tonga is a great option for a honeymoon or romantic break.

The islands have a very laid back South Seas ambience where nothing is too hurried and there are few commercial tourist operations apart from the whale watching charters in Vava'u - most tours and activities are operated by the hotels themselves. The people are extremely friendly towards outsiders and its certainly one of the safest destinations to explore in the world ... but exploring can be a little frustrating at times with only vague tourist information available and tours and services not offering the most reliable service. But in many ways this is the country's appeal. Tonga is not a commercial destination and the best way to approach a visit is to just go with the flow ...

If this is your first time visiting the Tongan Islands for a holiday, we recommend you use our Tonga Holidays Planner. Here you'll get a nice overview about what there is do on holiday in Tonga along with general tourist information such as travel, weather and other handy tips. Otherwise, navigate to an island below to find out more about the region or continue reading further down the page to find out some great places to stay in your price range.

If you're searching for the ideal place to stay take a look at our easy to use Tonga hotel directory. The directory features both the popular beach resort as well as highlighting the smaller, lesser-known properties for those looking to do some exploring.


Tonga Islands Travel Information

The number of tourists visiting Tonga for a holiday each year is very small and there are no large hotels, just a handful of small beach resorts scattered around the islands. Those you'll find have a very charming atmosphere where you'll be treated as a friend more than a guest.

Tonga is also one of the best destinations in the world to experience up-close the majestic humpback whales which visit in great numbers between July and October each year.

Our Tonga Islands travel guide provides detailed information on all the different regions to visit to help you decide where to go and what to do. Alternatively, try out our interactive picture map of Tonga below to help you visualise the islands and find out where all the different hotels are located:

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Fun Things to Do on Holiday in the Tonga Islands

Tonga Holiday Inspirations

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Tongatapu Island

The main island of Tongatapu has pretty beaches, interesting archaeological sites and a stunning lagoon littered uninhabited coral islands, several with small resorts and with day cruises.

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Ha'apai Group

The gorgeous Ha'apai Group is a collection of coral islands, some with sleepy fishing villages and others completely uninhabited. There are just a handful of small resorts, ideal for relaxing.

kayaking on vavau island

Vava'u Islands

Vava'u is the tourist capital of Tonga with beautiful bays and islands to explore on day cruises, plus excellent whale watching, snorkelling, game fishing and scuba diving charters.

Other Holiday Inspirations

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Adventure Holidays

Rich in culture and with fishing villages to visit, the Tonga Islands is an explorers' paradise. And if you love snorkelling, perhaps even amongst humpback whales, then adventure awaits.

secluded vavau island beach resort

Romance & Honeymoon

If you want to really escape and relax on a secluded beach, then a honeymoon in Tonga might be for you. There aren't too many options, but that just adds to the charm of this secluded island paradise.

hotel in nukualofa town

Sightseeing in Tonga

The capital Nuku'alofa is a tiny seaside town with the Royal Palace. It makes a convenient base for day trips to the offshore lagoon with coral islands and historical sights around Tongatapu.


map showing the kingdom of tonga in the south pacific

Our Tonga travel guide provides more detailed information on all the different regions to visit to help you decide where to go and what to do. Alternatively, try out our interactive Tonga picture map above to help you visualise the islands and find out where all the different hotels are located.

Holiday Accommodation in the Tongan Islands

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Although there are not a great many beach resorts is Tonga to choose from, there are a handful of real gems that few people have heard about and only few travel agents promote.

Overall, this is a great destination to experience genuine Polynesian hospitality and to enjoy beautiful beaches and water sports in one of the best kept secrets of the world.

As a tourist destination, the small islands of Tonga are equally as mesmorising as those found in Fiji's Mamanuca Islands, the snorkelling lagoons rival Bora Bora in French Polynesia, and the golden sandy beaches are just as stunning as those of Aitutaki Lagoon in the Cook Islands. But they get just a trickle of visitors to appreciate them. In Tonga, you visit the South Seas of old, a beautifully non-commercial destination where you'll be welcomed as an adventurer!

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