Finding an Uninhabited Island in the South Pacific

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Destination Review - Ranked by Preference

Like strings of pearls against a deep blue, the thousands of tiny atolls and coral islands make up the majority of uninhabited islands in the South Pacific. There are also a good number of uninhabited islands which are larger and volcanic in nature but these tend to have less of a tourist appeal. The following is a summary of best places to visit or stay on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific. Find out more about the most popular regions with uninhabited islands to explore by clicking on the link after each passage. This will take you to a dedicated page highlighting the destination and featuring our recommended resorts to stay at plus instant quotations for your scuba diving holidays so you can make a booking straight away.

# 1 - Tonga

If you're looking for that archetypal South Sea uninhabited island to get lost on for a few hours, then head to Tonga. There are three great options: Tongatapu Lagoon has a dozen small uninhabited coral islands which are seldom visited and you can stay at one of them (Fafa Island) and explore the others on a private day cruise. To visit some really remote uninhabited islands in amongst small islands with traditional fishing villages, then go to the Ha./apai Group and charter a boat from Pangai Town. In Vavau, you can either stay on a coral island (Mounu) or visit several beautiful islands on a day cruise from Neiafu Town.

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# 2 - French Polynesia

If you're looking for quantity, then French Polynesia wins hands-down. The Tuamotu Group has so many tiny uninhabited islands to visit along the sunken atolls of Rangiroa, Fakarava and many others that to visit each one would take an entire life-time. There are tons of small coral islets surrounding the more popular tourist islands of Bora Bora lagoon, Tahaa and Huahine with plenty of organised day cruises to visit some of them.

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# 3 - Fiji

If you want to actually stay at a resort on a tiny uninhabited island (ok - it's therefore not quite uninhabited), then Fiji has the greatest options from private island retreats to family resorts and backpacker hangouts. There are a few large volcanic islands that remain completely uninhabited in the Lau Group, Lomaiviti and even in the popular Mamanuca Islands that you can visit on a day trip. Some are even for sale and if you have a spare forty million dollars to spend you can join the likes of Mel Gibson in having a private island retreat for your holidays.

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# 4 - Cook Islands

At popular Muri Beach on Rarotonga there are four small uninhabited islands you can wade across the lagoon to (or paddle a kayak) and spend a few hours exploring with the fantasy that you're stranded, all alone. Better still, head to Aitutaki where there are stunning motu to visit on day cruises (small islands along a fringing reef).

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# 5 - New Caledonia

There are a couple of lively small islands off Noumea to visit on a day cruise, or you can stay in luxury at Escapade Island Resort. Otherwise, for several stunning small islets in a beautiful reef head to Isle of Pines where you can visit Nokanhui atoll

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# 6 - Vanuatu

Several small islands off Efate's north and west coast can be visited on day tours, or you can stay at Bokissa Island Resort on Espiritu Santo and explore a string of uninhabited motu that lie of Santo's east coast.

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# 7 - Samoa

Samoa has a couple of uninhabited islands off Lalomanu Beach on Upolu Island as well as the beautiful Nusafee Island off the south coast of Upolu.

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