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The Central Province is one of the provinces of the Solomon Islands, comprised of the Russell Islands, the Nggela Islands (Florida Islands), and Savo Island. The capital is Tulagi. Only the Nggela island group and Savo have any sort of tourist infrastructure, so plan your day trips accordingly.

Don't Miss
Reoka Hot Springs
Megapode Fields
Dolphin Spotting
Scuba Diving off Mbike
Historical Old Capital of Tulagi
Places to Visit
Mbike Island
Russell Islands

Central Islands Holidays Overview

Savo is a fascinating area of natural beauty, with a number of hot springs and thermal areas containing boiling mud pools. The most easily accessible are Reoka hot springs, which is a one-hour walk upstream along the Kolika River - a very scenic hike in a movie-set-like tropical environment. The final stretch is a bit tricky, and you'll have to scrabble about in parts, but the end result is well worth the little trouble. Be cautious up there … the waters that bubbles up in these hot springs are actually hot enough to poach an egg.

Make sure you take the time to see the unique megapode field, which extends about 400m along the beach, northwest of Savo. During the night, hundreds of female birds come to the field and dig down to about 90cm to lay their eggs; here the temperature is ideal to incubate the eggs. Do come down very early in the morning, as the birds fly off once the villagers come to harvest the eggs, which are considered a local delicacy.

Savo is one of the most dependable locations in the Solomons to spot pods of dolphins, which usually congregate off the west coast and can be seen frolicking around boats: a truly magical experience.