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Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, is located on the northern coast of Guadalcanal, and is built on land that saw some of the bloodiest battles of WWII. Now the base of tourism to the beautiful Solomon Islands, this city offers something to satisfy the desires of history junkies, nature lovers, shoppers, and divers. Spend your days picking up crafts at the outdoor markets or exploring the Botanical Garden's orchid collection, and your nights eating coconut crab and playing Pacific Poker, two local specialties. The town centre features cultural and historical destinations, including the Nation Museum, the Cultural Centre, the National Art Gallery, the Botanical Gardens, and the Natural Archives..

Don't Miss
Food Produce Market
Botanic Gardens
National Art Gallery & Museum
Cultural Centre
Bonegi Beach Dive Site
Mataniko Falls Hike
Places to Visit
City Centre
Point Cruz
Solomon Visitor Bureau
Vila War Museum

Honiara Holidays Overview

Honiara was the location of some of the fiercest fighting of World War II. History buffs will enjoy the guided tours of sites from the Battle of Guadalcanal, including Bloody Ridge, Henderson Field (now the Solomon's international airport), Mataniko River, Red Beach, and the Western and Eastern Battlefields. The Battle of Guadalcanal was featured in the film "The Thin Red Line", which was filmed partly on Guadalcanal. The Vilu War Museum, 25 km west of Honiara, is home to both US and Japanese artifacts. A popular dive spot is Bonegi Beach, just a few miles west of Honiara; and numerous military relics can be found at Iron Bottom Sound where divers can explore sunken battleships including the Bonegi I and II, and aircraft, including B17 bomber wrecks. One famous, although not war-related wreck, is the world Discoverer cruise ship, which ran aground on a reef in 2001.

There are several stunning waterfalls to visit, including Mataniko Falls, just a two-hour hike from Honiara. This stunningly picturesque waterfall pours over a cave that's filled with resident bats and swallows. The 60 meter Tenaru Falls is a spectacular site, just a day's drive east of Honiara. Also take the time to visit the Giant Clam farm, located 22 km west of Honiara.

Honiara Hotels

Honiara offers a full range of accommodations, from budget lodges to upscale casino hotels. If you prefer a more immersive experience, look for bungalows or opportunities to stay with locals.

Honiara Travel Information

The main airport in the Solomon Islands is Henderson International Airport, 8 km outside Honiara, on Guadalcanal. Taxis and buses are available into the city centre.