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The Choiseul Province is one of the nine provinces of the Solomon Islands. It lies between the island of Bougainville (part of Papua New Guinea) and Santa Isabel in the west of the Solomon Islands. It consists mainly of Choiseul Island with an area of 3,294 km² and includes three small surrounding islands: Taro Island (1.5 km²), Vaghena (243 km²) and Rob Roy (200 km²); the capital is Taro, on Taro Island.

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Choiseul Holidays Overview

Choiseul Island is surrounded by barrier reefs, and is densely wooded and mountainous; the highest peak is Mount Maetambe, measuring 1,067 meters. The main coastal settlement is Sasamungga. Copra is the chief product; other subsistence crops include taro, sweet potatoes, and yams.

Much of the island's shoreline consists of long narrow beaches, some of by large shallow freshwater marshes and ferns. A hot spring, used for cooking, is located near Saralata village. A shell currency called Kesa money is still used on Choiseul. Local houses are built from local timbers selected for their required properties: betal-nut wood is often used as flooring and sago palm leaf for the thatch. A sago-thatched roof can last up to 7 years, and is as just as functional as expensive modern iron substitutes and much cooler. Each region and island in the Choiseul Province has its own style of thatch.

The largest mammal is the endangered Dugong, a seacow found in the waters near Rob Roy and Taro Islands. The largest reptile is the Saltwater Crocodile. Choiseul is also an important breeding place for the Loggerhead sea turtle.

Choiseul Travel Information

Choiseul Island is a wonderful day trip, and a unique opportunity to see a South Pacific Island that is virtually untouched and unspoiled. Transport to the province is infrequent, so travelers must leave plenty of time for air or sea connections and be ready to be flexible and patient.