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Guadalcanal (Isatabu) is a tropical island in the South-Western Pacific and the largest island in the Solomon Islands. Guadalcanal is mainly covered in tropical rainforest and jungle, and it has a mountainous interior with an active volcano, Mount Popomanaseu. The coasts are lined with palms and white sandy beaches.

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Guadalcanal Holidays Overview

A popular destination for history and WWII battle buffs, Guadalcanal is well-known for its pivotal role in World War II, with the Battle of Guadalcanal turning the tide in favor of the Allies in the Pacific theater. The western and eastern coasts of Guadalcanal were the sites of many World War II battles, and many of these sites have war relics, monuments, and memorials; remember to bring extra memory or film for your camera. Visitors interested in the military history of Guadalcanal can take guided tours of historic sites from the Battle of Guadalcanal, including Bloody Ridge, Henderson Field (now the Solomon's international airport), Mataniko River, Red Beach, and the Western and Eastern Battlefields. Many tourists also come to Guadalcanal to visit museums and take in the culture of the island at traditional performances. The Battle of Guadalcanal was featured in the film "The Thin Red Line", which was filmed partly on Guadalcanal. The Vilu War Museum, 25 km west of Honiara, is home to both US and Japanese artifacts.

The northern coast is the heart of the province, and the location of the capital city of Honiara, where you will find a small but acceptable selection of hotels, bungalows, and other accommodations. The southern coast, called the "weather coast" because of heavy rainfall, is home to numerous small villages and is far less accessible. The island is also a wildlife and bird watcher's paradise, where more than 200 species of birds can be seen. There is a native marsupial known as the phalanger or the gray cuscus. The only other mammals are bats and rodents. There are many species of colorful parrots as well as estuarine crocodiles.

Guadalcanal is known as a top diving spot, with clear water and a rich array of wildlife, as well as numerous submerged shipwrecks to explore.

Guadalcanal Travel Information

The main airport in the Solomon Islands is Henderson International Airport, 8 km outside Honiara, on Guadalcanal. You can also get to Guadalcanal by sea. There are a few boats (mostly dive charters) that have cruises to Guadalcanal and from Nadi, Fiji, or Cairns, Australia. Honiara has car rental facilities, including rentals at the airport. Taxis and minibuses are also available in Honiara. For island hopping, Solomon Airlines offers many flights and several tour operators offer domestic cruises.