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Tahiti Wedding Information

There are lots of restrictions in getting married in Tahiti, the major one being you have have at least one month residency in French Polynesia before you can get a marriage liscense. Naturally this rules out most foreign couples from getting legally married in Tahiti. Instead, couples get legally married (often at a registrar) in their home country and then have a wedding "ceremony" in Tahiti which makes for a memorable experience. For the "ceremony", no official paperwork is required. Other popular ceremonies include "Renewal of Vows" and anniversary celebrations.

picture of Tahaa Private Island Resort, Tahaa Lagoon
Tahaa Private Island Resort is without doubt the most exquisite resort in French Polynesia, though a price tag to match. Set on a private motu island on the remote north west lagoon of Tahaa facing the island of Bora Bora, this up-market resort offers fine detail in every aspect.
Pearl Resort, Bora Bora Lagoon Euro € 717 - 910 get hotels best rate quote
picture of Pearl Resort, Bora Bora Lagoon
Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort is located on a private island within Bora Lagoon with splendid views across to the main island of Bora and its impressive mountains. The beach is pleasant with white sand and palm trees and the Manea Spa adds a tropical flavour.
picture of Bora Bora Nui Resort, Bora Bora Lagoon
The Bora Bora Nui Resort is set in a secluded motu island at the south western tip of Bora Lagoon. The island faces south into the open ocean and has one of the most picturesque broad fine white sandy beaches in Bora Bora and excellent snorkelling in its fish filled protected lagoon.

What You Need for a Legally Binding Marriage

Certificate of residency (1 month of residency at least);
Birth certificate for bride and groom (issued within the last 3 months) including translation into French;
Premarital medical certificate for bride and groom (issued within the last 2 months);
Birth certificate of children to be legitimized;
Copy of the notarized marriage contract (foreign born persons);
Customary certificate;
Certificate of celibacy

Foreign nationals must post the publication of marriage bans for 10 days with the appropriate authorities at their place of residence and have the witnessing certificate.