Beautiful Solomon Islands Holidays

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What's Unique about the Solomon Islands?

The Solomon Islands as a holiday destination is not an obvious choice, but as the islands slowly develop and small boutique beach resorts begin to gain in reputation, Australian holiday-makers are beginning to realize that one of life's true great adventure destinations is on their doorstep and that it's actually incredibly easy to get to and explore.

Like all of the South Pacific, the weather is warm and sunny year-round and there are plenty of dazzling beaches to sit back and relax under the shade of a coconut tree. But not many do that for long, because just around the corner is a fascinating village to explore, a rich rich vibrant jungle to explore and a massive lagoon with thousands of reef fish, WWII wrecks. dolphins, dugongs and turtles. This is a place where stories and life experiences live on forever.

Fun Things to Do on Holiday in the Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands Holiday Inspirations

The Solomon Islands are one of the few truly untouched areas of tropical paradise left in the world, with a diverse landscape of dense rainforest, active volcanoes and both brilliant white and charcoal black sand beaches. There are a number of must-sees and must-dos in this great adventure destination from extreme hiking to scuba diving WWII wrecks with an amazing array of soft coral.

Spend some time in a remote traditional village, try canoeing down rivers, or seek out one of the 230 varieties of endemic orchids and other tropical flowers. There are dugongs to spot, sea turtle nesting beaches, dolphins to swim with and crocodiles to avoid. But perhaps the Solomons greatest challenge for potential explorers is the islands' equatorial climate with intense humidity throughout the year and the ever present threat of malaria passed on by mosquitoes in the wet season.

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Guadalcanal & Honiara

The main island of Gudalcanal has beautiful rainforest and hiking trails, remote highland villages and is the main destination for WWII memorabilia. The capital, Honiara, has several good hotels and day tours.

Recommended Honiara Hotels
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Western Province

The Solomon Islands top holiday destination has stunning white sandy beaches, pristine lagoons and a good variety of beach resorts and eco retreats plus the best selection of day tours and guides.

Recommended Gizo & Munda Hotels
  • Fat Boys Resort
    Quaint beach resort with stylish villas in heart of Gizo lagoon
  • Evis Resort
    Affordable small island resort in Uepe Lagoon
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Central Islands

Easily accessible from Honiara and with fantastic scuba diving and dolphin watching, the Central Islands have great diversity with a mix of history, rainforest, active volcanoes and traditional fishing villages to enjoy.

Recommended Central Islands Hotels
  • Raiders Hotel
    affordable rooms and great base for exploring Tulagi Island and scuba diving
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Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in the Solomon Islands makes you feel like you're exploring unchattered reefs with incredible World War II wrecks and unbelivable coral life with dugongs, dolphins and even the odd crocodile!

Recommended Hotels for Scuba Diving
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Adventure Holidays

Solomon Island holidays are perfect for off-the-beaten track adventurers with virgin rainforest scattered with WWII relics, remote villages, a colourful tribal culture and excellent scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking.

Recommended Hotels for Adventure
  • Coral Sea Resort
    On Honiara's waterfront and great base for exploring Gudalcanal
  • Raiders Hotel
    affordable rooms and great base for exploring Tulagi Island and rainforest
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Romantic Holidays

If you want to really escape and unwind at a remote beach resort, then a holiday in the Solomon Islands will take you far away from commercialism and make you feel genuinely inspired. Beautiful beaches and a charming culture awaits.

Recommended Hotels for a Romantic Holiday


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Holiday Accommodation in the Solomon Islands

There are many ways and many places to stay in the Solomon Islands. You can choose a hotel in downtown Honiara town centre, relax in a hand-built cabin perched over a pristine lagoon, or enjoy the peace to be found in a beach front bungalow at one of the boutique resorts dotted around the country.

For a really engaging adventure, stay at one of the many eco lodges dotted around the Solomon Islands, although many are pretty basic so don't expect the trimmings. For those who thrive on cultural interaction, you could also live with the locals in one of the small island community guest houses or village home-stays. Camping is not encouraged and permission from the village chief or land owner must be sought.