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Western Province is the largest of the Solomon Islands provinces. The area is famous for its beautiful tropical islands, excellent diving and snorkelling, stunning coral reefs, World War II wrecks, ecotourism lodges, and head-hunting shrines. The province contains many small lagoons and most of the country's tourist trade outside of Honiara. The provincial capital is Gizo; there are airports at Gizo, Munda, Seghe, Viru, Ramata, Gatokae, Ringgi Cove, Barakoma, and Balalai.

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Western Province Holidays Overview

The Western Province has multiple hotels and resorts, dive shops, diverse restaurants, and numerous boat tours. It is popular for its beautiful islands and great fishing. If you're planning a holiday in the Solomon Islands and also looking for adventure and activities to keep you busy, then the Western Province is for you.

Because many tourists tend to visit nearby Fiji for snorkeling and diving, rather than visit the less developed Solomon Islands, the diving here is pristine, with untouched coral reefs and a wealth of marine life. Munda, Uepi, and Gizo are considered some of the Western Province's best dive locations, with some of the highest coral and fish diversity in the world.

The Western Province also has quite a lot to offer visitors on dry land: from World War II relics to skull shrines, from challenging hikes to small village visits. Consider climbing up to the crater's rim on Kolombangara, an extreme two day hike where you finally, on the second day, reach the top where the trees are covered in moss, and the vistas are incomparable.

The visual appeal of the islands cannot be overstated – tall volcanic islands, large lovely lagoons, white-sand bars, deep blue seas, tropical islets, remote villages and soaring mountains combine to offer visitors the trip of a lifetime. It may look and feel like a movie set, but it's as real and beautiful as it gets.

If you're in the Western Province, you should try to make time to visit Gizo, Munda and Marovo Lagoon. Thanks to reliable inter-island boat and plane services, they can easily be combined and toured at a comfortable, leisurely pace. Marovo Lagoon provides superb dives for both experts and novices. Channels, caves, drop-offs, coral gardens, bommies, and clouds of technicolour fish are all on the dive menu here. The province also contains the largest double barrier lagoon in the world—Marovo Lagoon. Inside the lagoon, thousands of tiny islands are surrounded by spectacular coral formations and white sand beaches, and the lagoon's waters come in every shade of blue, turquoise and green.

If you have time, visit Tetepare; which has received international recognition for its conservation and archeological significance. This island has been completely forgotten by time and is wrapped in mystery; what makes it truly extraordinary is that in a country that has lost almost all its forests to commercial logging, Tetepare is still untouched. This long, rugged island is the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific, and is home to an impressive variety of plants and animals. The island's 120 square kilometers of lowland rainforest is some of the last remaining in all of Melanesia.

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Solomon Airlines offers daily flights from Honiara to Gizo and Munda, and you can travel between Munda and Gizo, also on Solomon Airlines.