Travel to the Society Islands


The Society Islands is the most populated and well known of French Polynesia's archipelago's and extend westwards from the main island of Tahiti. Apart from the three main holiday destinations of Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora , the Society Islands also include Huahine, the twin islands of Raiatea & Tahaa and the most westerly island, Maupiti Lagoon similar in appearance to Bora Bora but far less commercial.

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Tahiti Island

Tahiti is the main island in French Polynesia with the capital Papeete Town and International Airport.

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Moorea Island

Moorea, just offshore from Tahiti and 30 minutes by ferry from Papeete or a 10 minute flight, is the second most popular holiday destination in French Polynesia

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Huahine Island

Of these lesser visited Society Islands, Huahine is the largest and has a significant population of indigenous Polynesians living along the coast in small villages. Huahine lies to the west of Moorea Island and has several important historical sites as major tourist attractions. However, accommodation is limited.


Raiatea & Tahaa Island

Between Huahine and Bora Bora is the twin island of Raiatea and Tahaa which only has a handful of tourist accommodations. Much of the coastline is rugged, but surrounding Tahaa Lagoon are a string of gorgeous coral islands, one of which boasts French Polynesia's most upmarket resort, Tahaa Private Island.

picture of Tahaa Private Island Resort, Tahaa Lagoon
Tahaa Private Island Resort is without doubt the most exquisite resort in French Polynesia, though a price tag to match. Set on a private motu island on the remote north west lagoon of Tahaa facing the island of Bora Bora, this up-market resort offers fine detail in every aspect.

Bora Bora Island

This stunning lagoon island with its myriad of overwater bungalows is the iconic tourist hotspot of French Polynesia, and a must do stop on every traveller's bucket list

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Maupiti Lagoon

Just beyond Bora Bora is the picturesque lagoon island of Maupiti in the western end of the Society Islands . At 11 sq. km it is a mini version of Bora Bora about a third of the size , its highest peak of 380-metres is about half as high as Bora and its population of 1,271 is less than a quarter that of Bora. More importantly for tourism though, is that there are just a handful of guesthouses on the islands, no resorts and no organised tours. For some, this is paradise and there are a couple of lovely guesthouses where tourists can escape mass tourism.

picture of Pension Kuiri Village, Maupiti Lagoon
Pension Kuiri is a delightful retreat where you can really escape the modern world. Set on the uncommercial lagoon island of Maupiti, this guesthouse has simple hand crafted bungalows, good dining, tranquil beaches, excellent snorkelling and some great sightseeing excursions.

Society Islands Travel Info


Several daily flights between Tahiti and Huahine (20-minutes), Raiatea (35-minutes) and Maupiti (50-minutes, with connections also from Moorea and Bora Bora make the islands very accessible and easily to combine for multi-island trips. During holiday-times inter island travel amongst local Tahitians is very common place and results in planes being booked out well in advance so prepare early, especially during the Christmas holiday period.