Watersports in the Samoan Islands

samoa water sport activity

Being an island nation, there are reasonable some water sports in Samoa most notably surfing and kayaking. However, with lagoons littered with coral heads and deep rough seas beyond the fringing reefs, only a couple of resorts are able to offer motorised activities for guests and these are both on the west tip of Upolu Island in the shallower and calmer lagoons around Manono Island. World class surfing breaks are found on Upolu with some more remote breaks also found on the south-west coast of Savaii.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving in Samoa

Snorkelling in Samoa is reasonable in the protected lagoons along the south coast of Upolu Island and the north east coast of Savaii where in most places the coral reefs are accessible from the beach. However, avid snorkellers will find these lagoons disappointing compared to the reefs of Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Scuba diving reefs also are not as intense as those found in Fiji, Tahiti or Vanuatu but will should still satisfy most casual holiday divers. There are only a handful of scuba diving operators based at based at the more upmarket resorts with independent scuba diving companies operating out of Apia Harbour on Upolu Island and at Manase Beach on Savaii.

Coconuts Beach Resort$$$$

picture of Coconuts Beach Resort
Coconuts Beach Resort is one of Samoa's few upmarket resorts with a spa, restaurant and activities centre. Set alongside a part sandy coastline and directly infront of a good swimming, snorkelling and surfing lagoon, Coconuts is a good choice for couples and surfers.

Taufua Beach Fales$

picture of Taufua Beach Fales, Upolu Island
Taufua Beach Fales lies in the heart of stunning Lalomanu Beach and is popular amongst budget travellers seeking a lively ambience and a sublime turquoise lagoon for swimming and snorkelling. Excellent service, good food and plenty of absolute beachfront fales.

Le Lagoto Resort$$$$

picture of Le Lagoto Resort, Savaii Island
Le Lagoto Beach Resort is a neat boutique resort with a lovely raised swimming pool overlooking the ocean as its focal point.There's a thoughtfully designed restaurant, lots of organised tours, attentive staff and a scuba diving and snorkel operator across the road.

Janes Beach Fales$

picture of Le Lagoto Resort, Savaii Island
Jane's Beach Fales are located in the heart of Manase Beach with simple but enclosed beach fales for travellers and bungalows with en-suite bathrooms providing extremely affordable accommodation for holiday-makers. The fales have a lovely beach setting and good snorkelling,

Kayaking in Samoa

There are some exceptional bays and mangrove forests for exploring by kayak, with the Saanapu Wetlands on the south coast of Upolu and Fagaloa Bay on east Upolu being the best spots for kayaking.

Coconuts Beach Resort$$$$

picture of Coconuts Beach Resort
Coconuts Beach Resort is a small boutique resort located close to mangrove forests with beautiful inlets for exploring by kayak and with access to the Saanapu Wetlands. Go hiking in the forest or surfing off the coast at this great spot for active holidays.

Motorised Sports & Game Fishing in Samoa

Le Vasa Resort$$$

picture of Le Vasa Resort, Upolu Island
Le Vasa Resort is an upmarket boutique resort located on the west coast of Upolu Island facing Manono Island. The resort is set in a mature palm grove with traditionally styled fales abutting the ocean and with a small cove beach and swimming lagoon.

Aggie Grey's Resort$$$$

picture of
Aggie Grey's Lagoon Resort is a modern beachfront hotel with five restaurants, a beautiful spa, 18-hole championship golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, lots of water based activities and a kids club making this a great family escape.