Planning a Surfing Holiday to Samoa

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Samoa surfing breaks are amongst the most challenging in the South Pacific with treacherous shallow reef breaks making this the ultimate thrill / risk experience for the most adventurous surfers. Despite being renowned for its challenging breaks, all types of surfers from first-timers to veterans will find sets off the main islands of Upolu and Savaii that will suit their needs. They go on forever and break clean, and the best spots have names like Devil's Island, Pudding Rock, and Dragons Breath (with a perfect tube and expert right break). Best of all, there are virtually no crowds although recent publicity in Australians major surf magazines may change that.

Both Upolu and Savaii have reliable breaks in both winter and summer. Winter surfing is generally more reliable (May to Oct) with southern swells hitting the south coast of Upolu and Savaii. A few of the best sites include Boulders and Nu'usafe'e Island on the south coast of Upolu (access by boat from Coconuts or Sa'Moana), Aganoa Beach on the south east tip of Savaii and Satuiatua Beach Fales on southern Savaii (both accessible from the beach) and the summer surf at Fagamalo on northern Savaii. It is customary to pay a small fee to the local villages for surfing access.

Sa'moana Resort on south western Upolu has an expert surf set-up with professional guides and very god boats adhering to international boating and surf standards. Although there are some great surfing breaks close by, the most renowned breaks of Boulders, Coconuts and Nu'usafe'e Island are some way along the coast and often it means getting up at 4am to get the best surfing conditions. For these breaks, the best location is to stay at the upmarket Coconuts Beach Resort where surfers can paddle out to Coconuts break at will - its also only a 10 minute boat ride from here to Boulders and 20 minutes to Nu'usafe'e Island.

There are no surf shops in Samoa so you will need to bring your own boards and equipment.

Coconuts Beach Resort, Upolu Island$$$$

picture of Coconuts Beach Resort
Coconuts Beach Resort is one of Samoa's few upmarket resorts with stylish rooms and bungalows, good service, a spa, restaurant and activities centre. Set alongside a part sandy coastline and directly infront of a good swimming, snorkelling and surfing lagoon, Coconuts is a good choice for couples and surfers.

SaMoana Resort, Upolu Island$$$

picture of SaMoana Resort
SaMoana Resort is set in the secluded beach location of Salumamu. Although primarily a surf resort (daily trips offered) with professional guides), SaMoana makes a great retreat for couples or families looking to explore the spectacular coastline and to enjoy some good snorkelling off the beach.