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Frequently Asked Questions about Vanuatu

  • What is the Capital of Vanuatu? Port Vila

  • Which Airlines Fly to Vanuatu? Virgin Australia and Air Vanuatu

  • Where is the International Airport? Bauerfield on Efate Island

  • What is the currency of Vanuatu? Vatu

  • What Electricity and Electrical Sockets are in Vanuatu? Same as Australia / NZ

Vanuatu Tourist Information

Which Airlines Fly to Vanuatu?

Virgin Australia and Air Vanuatu operate direct flights from Brisbane (7 flights per week), Sydney (6 flights per week) and Melbourne (1 flight per week). Fiji Airways (2 per week) offers flights from Nadi and Air Calin (daily) from New Caledonia.

Where is the International Airport?

Vanuatu has two international airports: Bauerfield is the largest, located 15-km north of Port Vila, the capital town on Efate Island. Pekoa Airport just outside Luganville Town on Espiritu Santo has direct flights from Brisbane and several South Pacific cities.

What is the Weather Like?

The weather in Vanuatu is intensely tropical with higher temperatures and humidity than Fiji or New Caledonia with typical day time temperatures averaging 33 degrees Celsius in summer and 28 degrees in winter.

When is Winter? When is Summer?

Winter is from May to October when temperature dip to 28 degrees by day and can get down to 22 degrees at night. Summer, starting in November and ending in April, is hotter and more humid with frequent intense tropical rainfalls in the late afternoons and evenings with a tropical depression or cyclone occurring on average once in a season.

What is the capital of Vanuatu?

Port Vila Town, located on a slender peninsula on the south-east corner of Efate has a population of just under 50,000. The people of Vanuatu are of Melanesian descent.

What is the currency of Vanuatu? Are there banks and ATM machines?

Vanuatu has its own currency called the vatu which is a single unit currency with the smallest denomination being one vatu (there are no dollars and cents). The currency tends to move alongside the Australian dollar with roughly 90 vatu equating to A$1. Banks and ATM machines are found in Port Vila Town (on the main island of Efate) and Luganville Town (on Espiritu Santo) and at Lenakel (Tanna). There are money exchange booths and a bank at the international airport.

Can I use my Credit Card?

Visa and Mastercard are accepted by most restaurants and shops in Port Vila and Luganville, by the majority of hotels and resorts, although smaller guesthouses are unlikely to have the facility for payment. A credit card fee of between 3% to 5% is commonly charged.

What Electricity and Electrical Sockets are in Vanuatu?

230V / 50Hz - three pin plugs - the same as used in Australia and New Zealand.

What Tourist Information is available in Samoa?

There is a tourist information centre in central Port Vila and in Luganville Town - both provide free maps and assistance with general travel information.

Should I Tip for Service?

No - tipping is not encouraged in the South Pacific although a gratuity box is often displayed on hotel reception desks with the money either contributing to the staff Christmas Party or to a local community project

What Items should I pack for holiday?

A wide brim hat, sunglasses and sun-cream are the most essential items.
A good water bottle if you're going to explore.
Airy clothes, preferably cotton with an emphasis on shorts and shirts or t-shirts.
A light jumper is handy to have in winter in case it gets cool.
Reef shoes if exploring the sea or beachcombing.

Small practical gifts like stationary, books, magazines if visiting a village, and perhaps some play items like a rugby ball, soccer ball or netball if you have space, or miniatures if you don't.

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