Scuba Diving in the Solomon Islands

picture of adventure holiday in the solomon islands

The Solomon Islands boasts some of the most colourful and pristine soft and hard coral reefs in the world and there are so few tourists it makes the experience extra special. The majority of scuba diving tourists to the South Pacific visit nearby Fiji for scuba diving holidays, or perhaps Solomon Islands or French Polynesia, with the less developed Solomon Islands often overlooked entirely.

But let me make this clear: Scuba diving in the Solomon Islands is superior than any of these and right up there as the very best anywhere in the world for vibrant corals and fish diversity. The lagoons are a little warmer, generally more protected from winds, less damaged by storms and haven't suffered the ill-efects of coral bleaching. Some divers are put-off by the remoteness of the destination, some by the lack of luxury resorts and adequate decompression chamber facilities. And a few are put off by the chance of encountering a salt-water crocodile. Yes, there have been increased crocodile attacks recently and fatalaties, but all on locals and mostly children swimming in esturies and spear fishermen hunting around mangroves at night, both favourite murky hangouts for crocodiles and not places scuba divers will want to dive in any case. Combine all the above and the result is that there are no crowds making a scuba diving holiday in the Solomon Islands a bucket list must-do.

Scuba Diving off Guadalcanal Island / Tulagi

Incredible wreck dives right from the shore, boats, submarines, fighter planes and even bombers.

Scuba Diving in the Western Province

Marovo Lagoon provides superb dives for both experts and novices. Channels, caves, drop-offs, coral gardens, bommies, and clouds of technicolour fish are all on the dive menu here. The province also contains the largest double barrier lagoon in the world—Marovo Lagoon. Inside the lagoon, thousands of tiny islands are surrounded by spectacular coral formations and white sand beaches, and the lagoon's waters come in every shade of blue, turquoise and green. Munda, Uepi, and Gizo are considered some of the Western Province's best dive locations, with some of the highest coral and fish diversity in the world.