Solomon Islands Hotel Guide

picture of solomon islands

There are many ways and many places to stay in the Solomon Islands. You can choose a hotel in downtown Honiara town centre, relax in a hand-built cabin perched over a pristine lagoon, or enjoy the peace to be found in a beach front bungalow at one of the boutique resorts dotted around the country.

For a really engaging adventure, stay at one of the many eco lodges dotted around the Solomon Islands, although many are pretty basic so don't expect the trimmings. For those who thrive on cultural interaction, you could also live with the locals in one of the small island community guest houses or village home-stays. Camping is not encouraged and permission from the village chief or land owner must be sought.

The Western Province has the best selection of small island beach resorts, most with dive shops restaurants, and boat tours. It is popular for its protected lagoons and great fishing. If you're planning a holiday in the Solomon Islands and also looking for adventure and activities to keep you busy, then the Western Province is for you.