Planning a Backpacker Trip to Samoa

samoa backpackers on beach

If breathtaking beaches is what you're looking for along with a laid back, safe and cheap environment to explore, then a Samoa backpacking trip will be right up your sleeve. There are just two main islands to explore so getting around is pretty straight-forward. Most backpackers seeking the Samoa travel experience take in the beautiful beach at Lalomanu which has the most lively backpacker atmosphere before heading for a little peace and quiet along the more rustic south coast of Upolu. Most backpackers then head over to Savaii Island on the inter-island ferry which takes just over an hour and head for Manase Beach along the north coast which is the best place to base yourself.

Backpackers will find plenty of beach fales as they travel around the islands of Upolu and Savaii. The majority are very basic - just a few poles with a wooden base covered by a coconut roof (or sometimes tarpaulin) and without walls and just about large enough to sleep two people. The more tourist orientated backpacker beach fales are a better choice for meeting other travellers, for reliable food and for organising activities. Some may have enclosed walls for privacy, a locker to store your valuables and perhaps even an en-suite bathroom - although hot water is pushing it. Here are a few of our favourite Samoa backpacker accommodations:

Taufua Beach Fales, Upolu Island$

picture of Taufua Beach Fales, Upolu Island
Taufua Beach Fales lies in the heart of stunning Lalomanu Beach and is popular amongst budget travellers seeking a lively ambience and a sublime turquoise lagoon for swimming and snorkelling. Excellent service, good food and plenty of absolute beachfront fales make this the most popular backpacker in Samoa.

Virgin Cove Resort, Upolu Island$

picture of Virgin Cove Resort, Upolu Island
Virgin Cove Resort is one of the nicest budget retreats in the South Pacific set on an secluded fine white sand beach and carefully carved out of virgin rain forest. Hand crafted fales are well spaced apart for privacy, there's a laid back ambience, a nice restaurant and excellent service.

Vacations Beach Fales, Savaii Island$

picture of Vacations Beach Fales, Savaii Island
Vacations is one of several beach fale accommodations stretching along Manase Beach and offers absolute beachfront fales sharing communal bathrooms. There's a good restaurant, friendly staff and sightseeing tours can be arranged. There's a small shop across the road for buying snacks.