Planning an Adventure Holiday to Samoa

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Samoa is a great destination for land based adventure holidays with some good rainforest hikes and plenty of traditional villages to explore along the coastal roads of both Upolu and Savaii.

Exploring & Hiking in Samoa

Although much of Samoa's virgin rainforest has been depleted to give way to farming, the country has several outstanding National Parks and Reserves with great walking trails. Generally guides are recommended when hiking in the rainforest, although there are a few short trails to waterfalls where you can explore by yourself. The best place to arrange a guide is either from the resort you're staying at, or in the local village where you'll be walking - there's always someone happy to help out for a bit of money.

Togitogia Forest Park on the south coast of Upolu island is a good place to head for hiking - there are short trails through the forest to a small series of waterfalls good for swimming and longer trails meandering over hills into the high forest, as well as a a wild coastal walk towards Aganoa Beach. On the south-west coast of Upolu is the superb and stunningly beautiful 5-hr coastal walk from Salamumu to Paradise Beach, passing several remote fishing villages and a dozen dazzling white sandy beaches.

On Savaii Island, the most demanding hike is to the summit of Mt, the highest peak in Samoa. This walk offers stunning panoramas of both Savaii and Upolu - guides can be arranged for overnight trips to make the most of the sunset and sunrise views. A much shorter walk on the south east corner of Savaii and close to the main town of Salelologa circumnavigates Taufua Crater with its rich biodiversity.

Here are some of our favourite resorts for an adventure holiday in Samoa:

SaMoana Resort$$$

picture of SaMoana Resort
Explore traditional villages and the secluded beaches by foot and take guided tours of the island to learn about its rich history.

Virgin Cove Resort, Upolu Island$

picture of Virgin Cove Resortt
This budget resort is a great base for exploring villages and the remote but very accessible coastline along the south west of Upolu island.

Savaii Lagoon Resort, Savaii Island$$

picture of Savaii Lagoon Resort
There's not a lot of accommodation in Savaii but this one is small, affordable and on the beach front - rent a car to explore the island or take a guided tours for a Samoan insight.