Finding Hotels in New Caledonia

Beautiful New Caledonia hotel on an island

For most people, New Caledonia hotels are not the most obvious choice for a holiday in the South Pacific. The majority of hotels promoted are in and around the capital Noumea, a pleasant seaside town with casinos, nightclubs and of course, great restaurants. Beyond this "hotel hub" you'll find small pensions, boutique beach resorts and even budget tribal huts with some stunning romantic locations on Isle Pins and throughout the exquisite Loyalty Islands.

Two of the nicest boutique beach resorts in New Caledonia are found in the Loyalty Islands (Nengone & Drehu). Local company Tera Hotels operates two boutique resorts, one an eco-retreat in rural Grand Terre, the other a beach resort in Isle Pins.

Noumea has a handful of large brand hotels in and around Anse Vata Beach, the popular beach-side suburb where the country's tourism is concentrated and includes Best5 Western and Ramada Plaza. Le Meridien have the only absolute beach-front hotel at Anse Vata, as well as a beautiful beach resort on Isle Pins. The only large resort on a small island is L'Escapade, just offshore from Noumea and boasting beautiful overwater bungalows.

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Luxury Resorts

Elegant New Caledonia, heavily influenced by its French over-seers, offers a handful of beautiful luxury beach hotels.

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Deluxe Resorts

You won't find the same flamboyance so overwhelming in French Polynesia, but instead small resorts alongside stunning beaches and a very laid back ambience. There are several luxury hotels in Noumea for those not wanting to venture too far.

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Budget Resorts

Despite still being a colony of France, New Caledonia is not as expensive as some will lead to believe and there are some good value and affordable places to stay around the islands. For more of an adventure, seek out the guest-houses on Isle Pins or stay in one of a handful of tribal huts found in the Loyalty Islands ...

Where to Stay in New Caledonia

The majority of hotels in New Caledonia are based in Noumea, and in particular along the beach front suburbs of Anse Vata and Bay Citrons. There's a decent beach here with plenty of water sports and safe swimming and it's usually busy enough to make it a good place for people watching. Day cruises to snorkelling reefs and uninhabited coral cays plus day trips to the surrounding mountains full the day whilst late night dining along the waterfront and chic shops eat up your money. Grand Terre, the large island on which Noumea is located, has a few popular beach resorts and plenty of small pensions and guest houses which are popular with local expatriates, and often full at weekends and during the Christmas holiday.

Further afield, the Isle of Pines are a 20 minute flight from Noumea and has a gorgeous laid back holiday atmosphere with lovely beaches; whilst just a little further out are the Loyalty Islands, undeveloped with a rich Kanak culture and having just a few small beach resorts ideal for a honeymoon as well as tribal huts for budget travellers.

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