Tours in New Caledonia



New Caledonia has plenty of day tours originating from Noumea from mountain buggy excursions to sightseeing tours by coach. There are several good golf courses surrounding Noumea and for those interested in culture, the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre just five-km from the city centre offers some spectacular traditional buildings and plenty of history about the Kanak culture along with some cultural interaction. The main island of Grand Terre has excellent hiking opportunities with dense tropical rainforest along the east side of the island and more exposed mountain tracks on the west coast. The best regions for exploring the natural environment are on the southern tip of Grand Terre, around Sarramea on the west coast and Hienghene on the north-east coast.

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On the sea, scuba diving is one of New Caledonia's most popular activities and there are plenty of dive operators and thousands of excellent sites to explore. Sailing is also good, particularly around the Isle of Pines.

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Sightseeing Holidays in New Caledonia

Sightseeing in New Caledonia is pretty varied with the Isle of Pines and the Loyalty Islands offering the most interesting and accessible sightseeing.

Sightseeing in the Isle of Pines

The Isle of Pines most popular tourist site is the Natural Swimming Pool and River of Sands, an area of outstanding natural beauty and with excellent and safe swimming and snorkelling and with free public access. The hike to Pic Nga is a popular walk with outstanding views and there are organised day cruises on motorised outrigger canoes to uninhabited islands, sand cayes and remote snorkelling reefs.

Sightseeing in the Loyalty Islands

Mare in the Loyalty islands has some unusual and interesting sights including Bone Hole, Warriors Cliff Leap and Tribal Villages which make a great day out, and there are some unbelievably beautiful beach walks along the south coast.

Sightseeing in Grand Terre

Grand Terre, the main island, is vast in size with great travelling distances between sights which can make it a little tiresome. Highlights include the scenic coast of Hienghene on the north east coast, almost six hours travelling time by car from Noumea, and the pretty mountain retreat of Sarramea about two hours drive north of Noumea.

Sightseeing sround Noumea

Noumea itself is a pretty town to explore for a day and there are numerous day tours to the countryside, a fantastic but very commercial cultural centre and plenty of day cruises to uninhabited islands, to snorkelling reefs or for game fishing and sailing charters.