Reviews of Accommodations in New Caledonia

Casa del Sole Apartments, Noumea$$$

picture of Casa del Sole Apartments, Noumea, Grand Terre
Casa del Sole is a 16-storey apartment building straddling Anse Vata Beach and Citrons Bay Beach, and a short stroll to the restaurants along the promenade. With 64 fully furnished 1- and 2-bedroom apartments offering generous living space, this is an great value option for families.

Chez Ihage Huts, Loyalty Islands$

picture of Chez Ihage Huts, We, Lifou, Loyalty Islands
Chez Ihage is collection of budget tribal huts in the village of Luecila facing a beautiful lagoon – it’s less than a minute walk to the long sweeping sandy beach of We. This is a great option for budget travellers looking to enjoy cultural interaction, secluded beaches and snorkelling.

Drehu Village Resort, Lifou, Loyalty Islands$$$

picture of Drehu Village Resort, We, Lifou, Loyalty Islands beach
Drehu Resort is the most upmarket accommodation on Lifou with 28 bungalows directly fronting a gorgeous white sandy beach at We. With a relaxing swimming pool, fine dining restaurant and snorkelling in the lagoon, Drehu is a great choice for a romantic beach holiday.

Escapade Island Resort, Noumea$$$$$

picture of  Escapade Island Resort, Noumea, Grand Terre
Escapade Island Resort is Noumea's most luxury resort and the only small island resort in New Caledonia. With a choice of stunning overwater bungalows or beach bungalows which are spacious enough to cater for families, Escapade offers a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Hotel Evasion, Sarramea, Grand Terre$$

picture of  Hotel Evasion, Sarramea, Inland, Grand Terre
Hotel Evasion is a delightful rainforest retreat in the charming tropical mountains of Sarramea, twenty minutes inland from La Foa or a two hour drive north of Noumea. This boutique retreat offers ten private bungalows in landscaped garden, a swimming pool, restaurant and spa.

Hotel Hibiscus, Kone, Grand Terre$$

picture of Hotel Hibiscus, Kone, Grand Terre
Hibiscus Hotel is located at the entrance to the mining and business town of Kone on the north west side of Grand Terre. Hibiscus is a modern hotel with neat air-conditioned rooms and a nice swimming pool and makes a convenient base to explore the northern end of Grand Terre.

Hotel Kodjeue, Isle of Pines$$

picture of Hotel Kodjeue, West Coast, Isle of Pines
Hotel Kodjeue is the most affordable hotel on the Isle of Pines offering spacious garden bungalows and absolute beachfront villas on the quiet east coast of the island. There’s a small swimming pool and basic hotel amenities including restaurant and boutique shop.

Hotel Oure, Isle of Pines$$$$$

picture of  Hotel Evasion, Sarramea, Inland, Grand Terre
Hotel Oure is one of the nicest boutique beach resorts in New Caledonia. Located on a beautiful fine white sand beach fronting Kanumera Bay on the south side of Isle of Pines, Hotel Oure offers 25 bungalows with exquisite interiors, an excellent restaurant and small swimming pool.

Hotel Paradis, Loyalty Islands$$$$

picture of Hotel Kodjeue, West Coast, Isle of Pines
Hotel Paradis is the only upmarket accommodation on stunning atoll Ouvea Lagoon and offers its guests comfortable bungalows alongside one of the beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons that Ouvea is well known for. Come and enjoy paradise!

Kanua Tera Resort, South Grand Terre$$$

picture of  Koulnoue Village Resort, Hienghene, Grand Terre
Kanua Tera Resort is an adventure paradise with quaint traditional style bungalows set in tropical rainforest in a secluded beach setting With hiking trails, kayak excursions and traditional villages to explore, this eco-retreat is great for both couples and families.

Koulnoue Village Resort, North Grand Terre$$

picture of  Koulnoue Village Resort, Hienghene, Grand Terre
Koulnoue Resort is located just south of Hienghene and its scenic coastline and set in a large coconut plantation fronting a pretty beach and is a good choice for families seeking an affordable beach holiday or for travellers exploring this scenic region of Grand Terre.

La Promenade Hotel, Noumea$$$

picture of  La Promenade Hotel, Noumea, Grand Terre
Le Promenade is a large multi storey modern hotel in the heart of Anse Vata, across the road from the main beach. The 168 apartment rooms are in three separate wings fronted by a spacious lawn area and a shopping arcade consisting of boutique shops and restaurants.

Le Lagon Hotel, Noumea$$

picture of  Le Lagon Hotel, Noumea, Grand Terre
Le Lagon Hotel is located fifty metres back from Anse Vata beach in a seven storey building. With a modern 24-hr reception area, a small swimming pool, café serving breakfast and modern well appointed air-conditioned rooms, this is one of the best value hotels in Noumea.

Le Meridien, Noumea$$$$$

picture of Le Meridien, Noumea, Grand Terre
Le Meridien Noumea is the only absolute beachfront hotel in Noumea. With 240 classically styled rooms, a picturesque swimming pool, four restaurants, spa and sauna, plus a casino within its grounds, Le Meridien offers the complete five star holiday in Noumea.

Le Meridien, Isle of Pines$$$$$

picture of Le Meridien, East Coast, Isle of Pines
Le Meridien is a luxury five star hotel on the secluded east coast, walking distance to the stunning Natural Swimming Pool, the most popular attraction on the Isle of Pines. With just 50 rooms and bungalows, this small beachfront resort offers exceptional service.

Le Paris Hotel, Noumea$

picture of  Le Paris Hotel, Noumea, Grand Terre
Le Paris is a convenient downtown location close to the central Place des Cocotiers promenade with 48 secure rooms in a dour looking five storey building. The hotel forms part of the Best Western chain of hotels and offers practicality and affordability for business travellers to Noumea.

Le Surf Hotel, Noumea$$

picture of  Le Surf Hotel, Noumea, Grand Terre
Hotel Le Surf is a large 164-room hotel in Noumea located directly across the road from Anse Vata beach. With a nice swimming pool, direct access to the Casino Royal and nightclub, Le Surf offers excellent value for money and convenience.

Malabou Beach Resort, Grand Terre$$

picture of  Le Surf Hotel, Noumea, Grand Terre
Malabou Beach Resort is located in the far north of Grand Terre amongst remote beaches and great snorkelling lagoons. With simple bungalows set in tropical gardens and fronting a small white beach with snorkelling reefs offshore, this is a great base to explore this unspoiled region.

Nengone Village Resort, Loyalty Islands$$$

picture of  Nengone Village Resort, Mare, Loyalty Islands
Nengone Resort is a small resort fronting a secluded white sandy beach on the south coast of Mare. With 18 traditional bungalows with stylish interiors, a swimming pool and good restaurant, Nengone makes the perfect base for exploring the wonderful beaches and sights of Mare.

Nouvata Park Hotel, Noumea$$$

picture of  Nouvata Park Hotel, Noumea, Grand Terre
Nouvata Park is a multi-complex resort directly across the promenade from Anse Vata Beach comprising of three different wings: Le Parc is two star, Nouvata Hotel is three star and Le Pacifique is four star. All three hotels surround a huge swimming pool and share the same facilities.

Oasis Kiamu Hotel, Loyalty Islands$$

picture of Oasis Kiamu Hotel, Lifou, Loyalty Islands
Oasis Kiamu Hotel is a budget hotel with 15 rooms in a landscaped plantation backed by sheer limestone cliffs. Located across the road from a small pretty white sand cove beach, the hotel also has a swimming pool and intimate restaurant for guests.

Ramada Plaza, Noumea,$$$

picture of Ramada Plaza, Noumea, Grand Terre
Ramada Plaza is a large hotel with 188 spacious rooms in two 17-storey hotel towers set five minutes walk back from Anse Vata Beach. The Ramada offers some of the best value room interiors in Noumea as well as a unique 365 degree revolving restaurant with fine dining.

Hotel Tieti Poindimie, East Grand Terre$$$$

picture of Tieti Tera Resort, East Coast, Grand Terre
Tieti Tera is a boutique resort mid way along the tropical east coast of Grand Terre about three hours north of Noumea. With a long sweeping sandy beach, decent snorkelling lagoon and mountains to explore, Tieti Tera is the most upmarket resort on Grand Terre outside of Noumea.

Tontoutel Airport Hotel, Grand Terre$

picture of Tieti Tera Resort, East Coast, Grand Terre
The Tontoutel Airport Hotel offers the ideal stop-over for international travellers just minutes from the international airport. With practical rooms, a swimming pool and good restaurant, this small hotel has everything you need for your first or last night in New Caledonia.