Romantic Holidays in French Polynesia


Tahiti romantic holidays are the amongst the most glamourous in the South Pacific. The islands are renowned for their gorgeous overwater bungalows, sitting on stilts above a turquoise lagoon with colourful fish swimming underneath. This type of accommodation conjures up images of a tropical paradise but it comes at a price. The cheapest overwater bungalows cost from Euro 500 per night! If that's out of your budget, then standard beach bungalows and pension style guesthouses offer a cheaper alternative. Never-the-less, a Tahiti holiday whatever standard of accommodation, is going to be more expensive than any of its South Pacific neighbours.

Although lacking the stunning beaches of Fiji and the Cook Islands, French Polynesia is an upmarket honeymoon destination with exquisite overwater bungalows which on stilts over the lagoon (some even have glass portals in the floor so you can watch the fish beneath). The islands are popular amongst French holiday-makers and Japanese honeymooners but it also makes a great destination for exploring (Tahiti and The Marquesas) and sightseeing (Moorea and Bora Bora) as well as having good scuba diving and snorkelling (Bora Bora and The Tuamotu Group).

Tahiti Overwater Bungalow Resorts

Tahiti Island

Tahiti Island offers beautiful mountain scenery but few beaches. The main concentration of resorts is along the sunny west coast a few kilometres south of Papeete and the international airport and here are some beautifully landscaped beach resorts and lagoons. On the north and south coast of the island are several black sand beaches which have good surfing. Otherwise, beaches are few and far between.


Neighbouring Moorea Island has better beaches although the main attraction of the island is its laid back holiday atmosphere and the scenic twin deep bays of Cook & Opunohu on the north shore. There are picturesque beaches on the east coast along the airport and there's a popular swimming and water activity beach at Hauru Point on the west coast.

Bora Bora

The most scenic beach resorts in French Polynesia are found around gorgeous Bora Bora lagoon, about a 50-minute flight to the west of Tahiti Island. The main island has a lovely swimming beach at Matira Point on the south coast and this is the main concentration of accommodation on the island. There are even more picturesque beaches on the surrounding motu where several luxury resorts can be found.