Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs in Fiji

night entertainment at resort in fiji


Unlike Bali and other Asian holiday centres, Fiji's nightlife is very tame. Outside of Nadi and Suva resorts are generally quite isolated and the only place to dine is at the resort restaurant. Evening entertainment usually evolves around yaqona drinking with the staff and a weekly traditional dance performed by the local village and sipping cocktails at a sunset bar. For most holiday-makers, it is early to bed after a draining day in the sun.

The liveliest backpacker beach resorts are found in the Mamanuca Islands. The Yasawa budget beach resorts are for the most part very sedate at night although a couple do focus more on night entertainment for its guests and try to create a lively ambience. If you're after a more lively resort atmosphere try one of the following resorts with nightly entertainment.

Nightclubs & Bars in Fiji

If you're looking to indulge yourself in the local night scene, Suva offers by far the best bars and clubs in the entire South Pacific, often frequented by university students from across the region giving them a South Pacific feel. Nadi is much quieter by comparison but does have some very good restaurants around Martintar and at Port Denarau as well as one or two decent bars and several rowdy nightclubs worth checking out with the locals.

Dining Out / Restaurants in Fiji

Food and independent restaurants is one of the few things that let the country down. Most resorts (other than those in Nadi) are set in secluded locations or on uninhabited islands so you are stuck with the hotel restaurant whether you like it or not. Some hotels, notably the upmarket small resorts, offer fantastic menus and very good international chefs - but these can change so quickly that we cannot provide a reliable guide to what resorts offer the best dining experience.

Unfortunately the seclusion of the resorts and the fact the many resorts are very small with only a handful of guests hinders the provision of reliable food. Local food is generally quite bland so the cuisine is based on an international flavour, with the exception of the popular island feasts which include traditional foods cooked in underground ovens (a lovo). Fish is a major part of the menu and these are generally very tasty. Fruits are also widely available but generally are limited to the seasons in which they fruit.

Nadi Town has a few good moderately priced restaurants including Indian curries and Japanese - however, the best restaurants in Nadi are all based on Denarau Island which the Sheraton Resorts a good option for those who like dining.