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Day Cruises in the Cook Islands

The best place for day cruises in the Cook Islands is around Aitutaki Lagoon. There are several small boat operators offering daily cruises around the lagoon as well as water taxis and small boat charters for private groups. Popular islands to visit are the uninhabited cayes of One Foot Island which has a small hut acting as a tourist post office; Maina Island, beautifully uninhabited and boasting a large colonies of nesting sea birds; and Akaiami Island where once the TEAL seaplanes of the 1950's made one of their many stopovers in the trans-Pacific flights. Day cruises for Maina Island depart from Arutanga Village and whilst cruises to all other islands depart from Ootu Point with cruise times to the islands being around 40-minutes.

On Rarotonga, you can take a snorkelling cruise along the southern coast of Rarotonga departing from Muri Beach, or private boats and game fishing charters are available from Avarua Harbour.

Overnight Cruises in the Cook Islands

There are no overnight cruises originating from the Cook Islands. Occasionally large ship cruises visit from overseas but these are infrequent due to the Cook islands central position in the South Pacific making it isolated from both North America and Australia.