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What's Unique About American Samoa?

Despite being scenically one of of the most spectacular tropical destinations in the South Pacific, holidays in American Samoa are pretty uncommon. Although it is mostly overlooked by tourists as there are few golden beaches, it is a popular destination for American Samoans living overseas, mostly from USA, and also for US military personnel working there.

Where is American Samoa?
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American Samoa Travel Guide

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The main island of Tutuila is farily American-ized, well developed and has the main town of Pago Pago with its deep water port, large tuna factories and immigrant workers. It's beauty is its virgin forests and woodlands that are home to wildlife and birds, so there is ample opportunity for nature-lovers. More stunning are the outer islands of Ta'u where tourists can hike deep into the primeval rainforests and search for some of the highest sea cliffs in the world , or a prehistoric star mounds, used by ancient chiefs for pigeon hunting.

An unincorporated territory of the United States since 1900, the largest island is Tutuila where most of the country’s population resides; the Manu’a Island Group, Rose Atoll and Swains Island comprise the rest of the territory of five rugged, volcanic islands and two coral atolls. The group of seven islands lie about 200-km to the east of Samoa to which it is culturally and historically attached to and from many tourists arrive from on either a side trip or as a stopover for international flights from other countries.

For general sightseeing holidays in American Samoa, Tutuila Island is a very good option. Although there are no organised tours, car hire is inexpensive and it's easy to get around with two very scenic roads extending either side of Pago Pago Town which itself sits in a stunning bay. Highlights include the American Samoa National Park on the north side of Pago Harbour and pretty Leone Bay along the south west coast.

American Samoa Travel Guide

American Samoa Hotels

American Samoa accommodation is aimed primarily at business travellers or visiting Samoans from overseas, with most hotels located in and around Pago Pago. There is just one beach resort in American Samoa located on the outskirts of Pago. Please view our recommended American Samoa hotels from the links below for detailed tourist information including room interior photos and independent reviews.

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