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Beautiful Holidays Samoa Islands

a beach holiday in samoa

Lush and intensely tropical, Samoa holidays are are amongst the most affordable in the South Pacific. These beautiful mountainous islands are a popular destination for adventure holidays with virgin rain forest, breath-taking waterfalls, blowholes and lava fields to experience, but also have excellent golf courses, and attract anglers and surfers. The islands are a hot spot for backpackers too, with simple beach huts scattered around the islands and making the country both cheap and easy to explore.

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Luxury Resorts

Samoa has only a few luxury resorts to choose from


Samoa Hotel Reviews

Helping you select the perfect beach resorts in Samoa islands from exclusive private island retreats to budget huts.
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Affordable Resorts

Looking for a romantic beach resort on Upolu or Savaii


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Upolu Island

Upolu is a lush mountainous island with heaps of waterfalls, good hiking and several lovely beach resorts to unwind. Surfing, kayaking and visiting Samoan villages are the main activities. Location of airport.


view of apia town

Apia Town

The capital of Samoa, Apia sits on a pretty waterfront with great restaurants, lively bars and some beautiful historic buildings. Visit the old home of RL Stevenson in the hills and the sliding rocks for fun.


sightseeing on savaii island

Savaii Island

Savaii is a volcanic island with lava fields, blow holes and a rugged landscape dominated by its volcanic peaks. Great for sightseeing with most accommodation at the lovely beach enclave at Manase .


national park in american samoa

American Samoa

Seldom visited by holiday-makers, resorts in American Samoa are non-existent but the country does have some of the best preserved rainforest and coastal scenery all managed by US National Parks.


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Sightseeing Holidays

With forest trails, waterfalls and a rich village culture, travellers will enjoy the authentic laid back Samoa Islands. There's plenty to see and it's a nice 'n cheap destination to visit.


new caledonia holiday dealsSamoa Holiday Packages

Review our favourite package holidays in Samoa along with the best deals on offer from Beautiful Pacific holiday specialists.
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Romance & Honeymoon

Not only are the exquisite beaches empty but you'll find even the largest resort in Samoa has a very intimate ambience. An intriguing place that will surely make you the envy of your friends.


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Samoa Resorts & Accommodation Guide

There is only a small selection of accommodation in Samoa to choose from but this includes three top-tier resorts and several cosy cottages by the sea. Samoa is one of the cheapest destinations to visit in the South Pacific and is popular amongst backpackers with plenty of budget accommodation by way of beach fales, although the majority of these are very rudimentary.

If you're searching for the ideal place to stay at the right price, check out our favourite Samoa hotels for independent reviews on all luxury resorts, beach fales and town hotels. The directory features both the popular large beach resort and hotels sold by most travel agents, as well as highlighting the smaller, lesser-known properties which include family villas and beach fales.

If you are looking for more detailed information on where to stay in the Samoa Islands, head to our Samoa Accommodation Deals highlighting our specials along with several great Samoa holiday packages which have been hand created by our own travel specialists.

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Samoa Holiday Overview

Traditional Samoan culture is an integral part of the country and one of the best reasons for heading to Samoa for a holiday; visit a village to experience its genuine island hospitality and perhaps see a game of Kilikiti, the Samoan answer to cricket. Samoan food is another reason to visit: unique and delicious – the national dish, palusami, consists of coconut cream and other ingredients wrapped in taro leaves and baked in a traditional umu.

The Samoa Islands are a series of paradise-like volcanic mountains covered in rainforest that drop down to pristine sand beaches. In the lush emerald valleys, banyan trees tower high in the sky, surrounded by tropical flowers and vegetation. Swim under waterfalls that cascade into pools and then to rivers that cut through the valleys on their way back to the sea, and there are natural rock slides to plummet down. Hikers, bicyclists and photographers will be in heaven or just enjoy wandering among the people and learn the way of life they've been faithful to for generations.

If this is your first time visiting the islands, we recommend you use our Samoa Holidays Planner. Here you'll get a great overview about what there is do on holiday in Samoa along with general tourist information such as travel, weather and other handy tips. Otherwise, read our quick reviews in the box highlights below and find out our top places to stay for your holiday.

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Samoa Islands Travel Information

There are only a handful of holiday beach resorts is Samoa but these generally offer better value for money compared to those in comparable in Fiji and the Cook Islands and certainly a lot cheaper than Tahiti. Even more affordable are the simple beach fales (huts) which seem to appear in every village. Some are well run and aimed specifically at international travellers, whilst the majority are there for the locals to enjoy at weekends. These beach huts make Samoa a fantastic destination for budget travellers to explore the islands and the immerse in the village culture. By contrast, American Samoa has virtually no tourism infrastructure although it has several breathtaking National Parks protecting its beautiful tropical rainforest and wild coastline.

Our Samoa Islands Travel Guide provides detailed information on all the different regions to visit to help you decide where to go and what to do. Alternatively, try out our interactive picture map of Samoa below to help you visualise the islands and find out where all the different hotels are located.