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Beautiful Holidays in the Cook Islands

a cook islands holiday accommodation on aitutaki

Cook Islands holidays offer a truly laid back environment with some of the best beaches in the South Pacific, fantastic year-round climate seldom dipping beneath 24°C and a pleasant selection of beach accommodation on Rarotonga Island and quaint bungalows around Aitutaki Lagoon. With only 100,000 tourists arriving each year, this tiny South Pacific island nation offers a romantic holiday ambience and is the second most popular tourist destination in the South Pacific to visit after Fiji.

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Luxury Resorts

Offering exquisite resorts at premium beach locations ...


Cook Island Hotel Reviews

Helping you select the perfect beach resorts in the Cook islands from exclusive retreats to budget self catering bungalows.
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Affordable Resorts

Nice variety of boutique resorts to bungalows ...


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Rarotonga Island

Rarotonga has 80% of cook islands accommodation with nice palm fringed beaches, lush tropical mountains, good restaurants and a fantastic holiday atmosphere. Don't miss an island dance and feast.


picture of west rarotonga

West Rarotonga

This is the sunniest side of the island with two of the largest resorts on Rarotonga and plenty of restaurants. The coast is good for beach-combing but the lagoon is poor for watersports.


picture of south rarotonga beach

South Rarotonga

Quiet stretch of coastline with an almost endless beautiful palm fringed beach. The lagoon here has the best snorkellingon Rarotonga with boutique resorts aimed mostly at couples. Walk to the waterfall.


picture of muri beach

Muri Beach

Muri is the most picturesque spot on Rarotonga with a long curved beach, sandy bottom lagoon and four offshore islets to explore by kayak. Great for watersports, lively ambience and a good selection of restaurantst.


visit aitutaki island

Aitutaki Island

Aitutaki is a 40-minute flight from Rarotonga Island with an exquisite lagoon boasting tiny uninhabited islands and popular for day cruises. Aitutaki resorts are ideal for a romantic Cook Island holiday.


visit atiu island

Atiu Island

Atiu is an eco-tourism destination with caves and traditional villages to explore and a very slow pace of life. There are few beaches or snorkelling lagoons and only a handful of places to stay, mostly guesthouses.


beach resort in the cook islands

Romance & Honeymoon

Oozing charm, honeymoons in the Cook Islands are idyllic. Rarotonga has a romantic holiday ambience and gentle pace of life whilst Aitutaki has uninhabited islands to explore and secluded beaches.


cook islands holiday dealsCook Island Holiday Packages

Review our favourite accommodations in the Cook Islands along with the best deals from Beautiful Pacific
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Family Beach Holidays

Although not an obvious choice for a family holiday. Rarotonga has safe swimming beaches, lots of tours and accommodation including holiday homes. It's soft adventures and ease of getting around are a bonus.


view of a th rarotonga resort

Cook Islands Resorts & Accommodation Guide

The majority of resorts in the Cook Islands host less than fifty guests at a time and so ensure a very intimate atmosphere. The charm of the islands is staying in one of the locally owned self-catering beach bungalows, luxury villas or holiday homes on Rarotonga or Aitutaki and these are ideal for both families and couples seeking an intimate holiday.

For families, there are several large beach resorts on Rarotonga and with kids clubs, lots of activities, night entertainment and for these we have some very good package holidays. The largest resort on Aitutaki has less than 40 rooms so don't expect anything more than very laid back!

Beautiful Pacific has selected what it believes is the best places to stay in our Cook Islands accommodation deals with independent reviews on all Rarotonga resorts as well as self-catering beach bungalows for more budget orientated holiday-makers.
a cook island dance at beach resort

Cook Islands Holiday Overview

Spending a holiday at one of the beautiful Cook Islands resorts on Rarotonga or Aitutaki is a lifetime dream come true for many so selecting the right place to stay is crucial. If this is your first visit, we recommend you read our Cook Islands holidays planner to get an overview of the country. Here you'll find general tourist information including how to get there, when to visit and what there is to do on your holidays.

The Cooks is small nation with just 15 islands, most of them low lying atolls and only two of these are developed for tourism. Rarotonga is the main island, lush and mountainous with sweeping beaches whilst whilst Aitutaki is a 40-minute flight away with a more secluded feel and boasting a stunning lagoon. A few eco travellers venture to Atiu for exploring caves and engaging with the local Maori culture, but accommodation here is limited.

picnic on an unihabited coral island

Cook Islands Tourist Information

Cook Island holidays are most popular amongst New Zealanders with plenty of direct flights from Auckland and Christchurch and the local currency being the NZ$, The islands are becoming increasingly on the radar of Australian holiday-makers with direct flights from Brisbane and Sydney

Our Cook Islands travel guide provides more detailed information on all the different regions to visit to help you decide where to go and what to do. Alternatively, try out our interactive picture map of the Cook Islands below to help you visualise the islands and find out where all the different hotels are located: