Independent review for Kia Ora Hotel in French Polynesia

Kia Ora Hotel Tahiti showing picture of beach in French Polynesia

Hotel Rangiroa is located on the main atoll of Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Group, set amongst a large coconut plantation on the lagoon's edge. There's a nice restaurant over the lagoon and activities include tennis, diving and wind surfing.

map of rangiroa tahiti
map showing location of kia ora hotel rangiroa
Tuamotu Islands

Kia Ora Hotel

Fly to Fa'aa International Airport (Papeete, Tahiti Island)
Fa'aa Airport to Rangiroa Airport = 1hr 20mins by plane
Rangiroa Airport to Resort = 10mins by boat
Total Bungalows: 63
Resort Restaurant ; Bar
Beachfront ; Snorkelling Lagoon