Independent review for Palm Tree Island Resort in the Kingdom of Tonga

Palm Tree Island Resort Tonga showing picture of Eua beach

Niuatoputapu: probably the most remote holiday destination you'll ever visit. A dot in the middle of the Pacific: part of Tonga yet closer to Samoa. So remote indeed that few Tongans themselves have ever visited. Uncommercialized. Unspoilt. Just one resort on the island, accommodating a maximum of eight people, in the South Pacific as it used to be.


Room Information

Situated on an otherwise uninhabited island just offshore from Niuatoputapu, Palm Tree Island Resort offers accommodation in independent bungalows with private facilities, all situated on the beach with a view of Tafahi, the extinct volcanic cone across the sea. We have four cottages, each with a queen size bed and we can add an extra single or two for young children at no extra cost. The cottages all have their own toilet/shower room with hot water, but no cooking facilities.

The Beach & Lagoon

There is good swimming and snorkelling within the lagoon, and on Niuatoputapu itself some enjoyable hikes with splendid views.

The resort has a small restaurant, and specialise in fresh fish and bicycles are available for guests' use. For the more energetic it's possible to cross to Tafahi with a local fisherman and trek to the summit.