Tavuni Hill Fort
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Tavuni Hill Fort Fiji Islands
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On the east side of the Sigatoka River Valley, accessed via Kavanagasau Road on the Suva side of the Sigatoka Bridge and five Kilometres up the rough dirt road, beside the village of Naroro, is Tavuni Hill Fort (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 8am-4pm F$10, guide additional $2) a fascinating example of Fiji's tribal past.

In the eighteenth century, Tongan invaders began to push further into Fijian territory and established a base on this fantastically steep hill overlooking the Sigatoka River. They waged wars on the surrounding settlements until 1876 when they were subdued by native troops under British control.

What remains is a well excavated and easily accessible hill fort with stone foundations, rock barricades, ceremonial grounds and the chilling vatu-ni-bokola, or killing stone, where victims' heads were smashed with a war club. The views from the hilltop are worth the visit alone.