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Taveuni is a stunning combination of luxuriant forest, soaring mountains and colourful coral reefs. Much of the island's pristine rainforest is protected by the Bouma National Heritage Park and tourism is handled sensitively, making it one of the best places to sample Fiji's varied wildlife. Geologically, Taveuni is one of Fiji's youngest islands and its dramatic volcanic scenery, wild flowers and laid-back atmosphere bring to mind Hawaii as much as Fiji.

Most visitors arrive at the small settlement of Matei on the north coast, home to the airstrip, plenty of accommodation and a series of pretty beaches. South of here, along the rugged east coast is the access point to the huge Bouma National Heritage Park which features world-class bird-watching and hikes through a series of waterfalls. Just offshore are the thriving coral reefs of the Waitabu Marine Park.

Across the knife-edge ridge splitting the 42km-long island is the smoothly sloping west coast where most of the island's eleven thousand inhabitants live. Here, Somosomo, head village of the powerful Cakaudrove Province, merges into the modern trade centre of Naqara. To the south is the peaceful Catholic Mission at Wairiki with De Voeux Peak, accessible by 4WD or by a long trek on foot, towering high above.

Close by, in the heart of the island is Lake Tagimaucia around which it's possible to find the unique Tagimaucia flower. The west coast also has the most direct access to the phenomenal Rainbow Reef just across the Somosomo straits.