Sigatoka Sand Dunes
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Sigatoka Sand Dunes Fiji Islands
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Two kilometres east of Sigatoka Town, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park makes for an inspiring day out. The dunes cover an area of 650 hectares, stretching for 3km and petering out to a sand pit at the mouth of the Sigatoka River. In Places they rise to 80m with fantastic views ot the crashing surf along the beach.

There are two designated walking trails from here: a fifteen minute hike to the ridge lookout and an hour's stroll through forest to the beach. Along the beachfront you'll find plenty of driftwood and if you look carefully you'll come across small sherds of Lapita pottery, evidence of human settlement from over two thousand years ago.

There's good surfing around the Sigatoka River mouth at the southern end of the beach although the sea can be ferocious at times with strong currents - locals can advise the safest entry points for both surfers and swimmers.