Sawa-i-lau Cave
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Sawa-i-lau Cave Fiji Islands
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Lying off the north coast of Nacula, the island of Sawa-i-Lau lies in a pretty bay hugging the south point of Yasawa Island and is home to some partially flooded limestone caves. The passage to the south of the island is probably the windiest place in Fiji with gusts ripping and churning the seas - backpackers usually get drenched and somewhat shaken getting here.

Nevertheless, it is touted as the best sightseeing trip in the Yasawas. Locals believe the ten-headed god, Uluitini, resides deep inside the caves and folklore warns that any pregnant woman, however slight, will be unable to fit through the entrance.

The main chamber is 15m high with limestone pillars and natural sunlight streaming in from above. Boys from nearby Nabukeru village usually climb to the very top and jump into the crystal clear pool here; the other challenge is swim under-water for ten seconds to a series of smaller darker chambers where petroglyphs can be seen incised on the walls.