Bouma National Heritage Park
Fiji Islands

Bouma National Heritage Park Fiji Islands
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Fifteen kilometres south of Matei is the northern boundary of the Bouma National Heritage Park, an important wildlife reserve, protecting 40,000 acres of ancient rainforest laced with waterfalls and home to rare birds and plants. The park was established in 1990 by the people of Bouma District, with assistance from the Fijian and New Zealand governments.

Within the park are four villages, each running a specific eco-attraction: Waitabu, the first of the villages encountered along the road from Matei, has a protected marine park: 4km further into the park, Vidawa offers a rewarding rainforest hike to ancient ruins in the hills; neighbouring Korovou maintains the spectacular Tavoro Waterfall Trail through three sets of falls; and the last of the four villages, Lavena, 15km to the south and at the end of the road, has a beautiful coastal walk with kayaking and another refreshing waterfall at its end. Also within the park are Lake Tagimaucia and De Vouex Peak, although these are best accessed from the west coast.