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In the mid 1980s, the late Raymond Pirangi Senior, a Rangatira (subchief) from the prominent Rarotongan Tinomana Tribe, took it upon himself to set out to reclaim his heritage from the daunting dense bush and steep hillsides of Maungaroa. His dream and determination to share all this with the rest of the world has resulted in the resurrection of one of the Cook Islands’ most important historic sites.

Located high up in the rugged mountains of Rarotonga, overlooking the aqua lagoon, fringing coral reef and Pacific Ocean, this unspoiled, breathtaking 205 acre site is of significant cultural heritage and was a safe spiritual and fortress haven for families, warriors and the Tinomana chiefly line for countless hundreds of years.

The Highland Paradise Cultural Centre offers a truly interactive experience for locals and visitors alike. Here, you will personally relive our Polynesian yesterdays through self guided or interactive guided on-site gentle strolling tours amongst the lush gardens, village remains, replica ares (houses), historical areas of great significance and towering native trees.

The Highland Paradise Cultural Centre family will involve you in our heritage, capture your soul, your heart, and leave you breathless.

Tour Times: 10.00 am
Open: 9.00 am – 3.00 pm Monday - Saturday
Sunset Cultural Show: Wednesday

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