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Northern Atolls Explorer Cook Islands

Northern Atolls Explorer

Fly to: Rarotonga International Airport
Rarotonga to Northern Atolls = 3 to 4 hrs by plane

Flight, Accommodation and Meal Packages

This is a 1-week adventure tour that provides a rare opportunity to visit the distant and remote northern atolls of Pukapuka, Manihiki and Tongareva (also known as Penrhyn). Flights are scheduled according to demand which is normally once a month, but sometimes we operate two tours per month. Air Rarotonga will arrange accommodation and meals on request

Accommodation in the Northern Atolls

Locally operated guesthouses are available on all islands and offer simple rooms, usually with communal lounge and kitchen. These islands are seldom visited by tourists (except by private yacht) and are generally frequented by visiting government officials. Food can be arranged with your host. Accommodation can be pre-arranged as a package.